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The tools on Flowzo .

1. Your Flow

and your growth-process


This is the most important part of Flowzo: Your Flow. Here the energy waves are calculated for you daily.

The FLOW method is based on 9 steps that start with an idea (1) and end with a realization of that idea (9). In between you go through the other 7 phases, which Flowzo makes visible to you.

Now you may go through these phases unconsciously and sometimes you accidentally end up in a trap. However, you can learn to see these phases. This allows you to consciously use the forces in the relevant phase. This way you will live more and more in sync with your flow.

The focus is on the week numbers: this turns out to be a very nice rhythm in practice (perhaps that is why many schools use blocks of 9 weeks?)

In addition, you will have access to a friends list. In addition to your own flow and growth process, you can also view the flow and growth process of friends at any time. Just ask for their complete birth name and date for an accurate picture.


2. Thought for the day

Every day there is a thought for the day on your account. A phrase that makes you think, to see things from a different perspective, or sometimes just a fun fact.


They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.


3. Your Blueprint

Look at yourself from a different perspective

Did you know that your name and date of birth is a unique combination of letters and numbers? According to ancient scientific practice, every letter carries an energy, as does every number.

In short, Flowzo converts your name and date of birth to numbers and designates them according to an old scientific recipe. In this way, you will quickly learn about things like your personality, life destination and challenges, topped with a modern sauce.

You also have the option to view the blueprint of friends and print these blueprints for study or gift.

3. Your Blueprint

View yourself from a new perspective


4. The 9 Energy waves

and 3 masternumbers



The energy or energy waves that we always talk about at Flowzo are summarized in 12 beautiful pages.

These are easily accessible via the front page, the menu or simply by clicking on the number that you find daily in Your Flow. Also pay attention to the animation behind the number: this gives an immediate picture of the action of the energy wave.

By the way, you catch the flow by (learning to) use the forces of the energy. An energy also has a pitfall. Are you in a trap? Then every time you see the energy in Your Flow (day, week, month or year) you have the opportunity to read, learn and apply the powers again.

5. Personal Flow Alerts

your personal flow every day / month and/or month in your mailbox


I understand better than anyone that when you start something new, it is not directly in your system. That’s why I came up with Flow Alerts. Your personal flow in your mailbox every day, week and / or month!


6. Your friendlist

Switch Flowzo | famous people


6. Your friendlist

Switch Flowzo | Famous people

In your friendlist you keep friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, board members, competitors (if you still want to believe in that) and so on.

Select them, press the button “let the magic happen” and view them through Flowzo glasses.

The options at a glance:
– view blueprint, flow and growth process of friends.
– blueprints can be printed (Google Chrome optimized).

7. View relationships

of friends, family and acquaintances


How come you are on “the same wavelength” or “have a click” or have nothing to do with the other? With the relationship option within your friendlist, you look at your relationships from a new perspective. There is something to learn in every relationship. Whether it’s having fun or setting boundaries. It’s nice if you know.

Curious about a relationship? Simply select yourself and the person of your choice and press the button “let the magic happen”. Flowzo now calculates the blueprint of your relationship, flow and growth process!

The flowzo engine can calculate a group relationship of up to 9 people at a time. Of course, more research and experience is needed here, but the possibility is already there!

The options at a glance:
– view relationships, flow and growth process with your friends.
– view relationships, flow and growth process between friends.
– calculate relationships up to 9 people.



The vision vision of the maker

Vincent (1977), Creator of Flowzo

Life is not black and white at Flowzo but full of countless shades of color that are constantly changing. Black and white, 0 or 1. That is of course far too little for a colorful, dynamic life with your unique self as a starting point! But…. To indicate “such a colorful, dynamic life with your unique self as a starting point”, we can use numbers well.

To be precise, 12 numbers, the unique numbers 1 to 9, 11, 22, 33 and 0. If you create an account for free, your blueprint is ready for you. You immediately see how unique you are! By following your flow, you will gradually learn to understand the language of numbers, understand and see how and what role they play in your life.

Once aware, you can begin to use the power of any of these energies. In this way you’ll experience more authenticity, inspiration and flow in your life. Unfortunately, it is not a quick fix overnight, but a well-balanced life progression tool.  So why not try it for a few months? It only takes a few minutes a day, In return you’ll get a lots of insight, recognition of flow and progress. Promised.

Why not follow your flow for a while?Registration is free free

Flow Alerts

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