You were born with a blueprint

Everyone has a mission in their life. In ‘Your blueprint’, you will find a numerological analysis of your given name and date of birth, providing you with the tools you need to confidently go your own way through life.

Your given name and date of birth is unique

We analyse these unique data to uncover key indicators with regard to ​​your True Destination (why were you born?), Your personality (how do others see you?), Essence (who are you deep down and what is your true talent?), Sensitivity/ Mind (how do you operate emotionally and intellectually?), Challenges (what are the inevitable experiences in your life that you have to learn to deal with?) and how you go through life in the short, medium and long term.

The concepts of your blueprint – an overview 

  • Your life destination is your most important assignment, which runs through your life like a thread.
  • Your personality is what you show others.
  • Your essence captures your deeper motives. They partly determine your actions. Unimpeded by education, social pressure and/ or expectations.
  • Feeling tells you how you deal with your own and other people’s feelings.
  • Intellect teaches you how to optimally use your cognitive skills.
  • Day to day elucidates your daily life.
  • Your month to month mindset is shown in medium term..
  • Throughout the years tells you how you move through the years.
  • Your challenge(s) are your key points for development, the things you need to learn before you can catch and maintain the flow.

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